This adventure game for Android and iOS is free instead of €3.49

Our free app recommendation of the day is Blackthorn Castle, a point and click adventure game that’s temporarily free for iOS and Android. If you like challenging puzzles, you should give it a try!

  • Blackthorn Castle normally costs 3.49 euros on iOS or 3.09 euros on Android
  • The game is rated 4.7 stars on iOS and 4.6 stars on Android
  • It does not contain ads, but in-app purchases (not mandatory)

A few weeks ago I recommended you The Enchanted Worlds of Syntaxity as a free point-and-click game. The puzzle-adventure, of course, became paid for a long time ago, but on the other hand, the same creators are currently offering Blackthorn Castle for free, both on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, we don’t know the end date of the promotion and the game has already been on promotion for a few days. So first of all: Download the game first, we’ll talk about it later!

Why is this free mobile game worth it?

Those who enjoyed The Enchanted Worlds will no doubt also enjoy Blackthorn Castle. The idea and the gameplay of the game are identical: you once again help your uncle to solve a riddle. For this you will have to click on the scenery and find on objects to collect, and you will have to solve many puzzles and brain teasers.

You always have three things on you:

  • A bag in which you will put all the objects you have found and need for later tasks
  • A camera that lets you take in-game screenshots to help you solve puzzles
  • A map that allows you to quickly get to places you have already discovered

The rest is an exciting adventure with puzzles in the tradition of Myst. You will have to travel through graphically adorable locations, always in search of important objects, hidden secret doors and new puzzles. The whole thing is very laid back, the puzzles are sometimes difficult but fair and if you get stuck you can buy hints in the app.

You can also click on the video above with the full walkthrough. But I ask you not to stupidly follow the full video. Invest a little of your time, it’s worth it!

Does this free mobile game respect your personal data?

The game does not contain advertising and you will not need an account. In-app purchases exist, as we have already mentioned, but you can do without them.

I verified the game on the Exodus privacy platform. As in The Enchanted Worlds, four trackers and six required permissions were found. Among these, the game requires access to storage. This is necessary, because your score is permanently saved. For the rest, there is nothing abnormal.

In this game there is also the “postcard” function. In the privacy policy it is explained that this is precisely what the permission for photos is used for. There is therefore no access to your gallery.

Did you like our free app of the day? Have you downloaded Blackthorn Castle game for free?

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