Maison Véro & Louis in Varennes: The thrilling adventure of Marie-France

Marie-France is entitled to a new start in life. After leaving the family nest to go live at the first Maison Véro & Louis, this 31-year-old Bouchervilloise girl chose to welcome this adventure with open arms.

We know that, for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), having multiple points of reference in their space and a well-established routine in a day-to-day routine are sources of well-being. being and appeasement.

We can therefore imagine that moving into their new neighborhoods in Varennes, in the company of a group of foreigners in addition, was not an easy operation.

Despite everything, after a few months, it seems that the magic has worked. Thanks to her endearing personality and a process of pairing residents that seems to have borne fruit, we can think that the young woman has found a place where she can flourish and pursue her quest for autonomy.

“When he moved, let’s say that it was also a shock for me and my spouse, admits Louis Quintin, father of Marie-France. She’s not here anymore, so there’s a big void in the house. “Despite this change, the latter was able to comfort himself with the idea that his daughter was very excited by the idea of ​​having her own quarters and no longer being dependent on her parents whom she continues to see every week.

“When she visited the house initially, she found it exciting. It must be said that Marie-France is always ready for new challenges, so for her, it was not a shock to move. Sure, she felt some anxiety for the first five to seven weeks related to being around new people, but after that, we felt it subsided and she became more and more attuned to her. comfortable. »

A financial challenge for parents

For Mr. Quintin, as for the too few parents who benefit from the services of a home adapted to the needs of their child, this unexpected outcome fills a gap left by the lack of services offered to adults with a spectrum disorder. autism.

Driven by a desire to take charge of her own life, Marie-France had also undertaken, with the assistance of her family, steps to find a housing project where she could settle. However, the benefits received from the government were far from sufficient to allow him to pursue his aspirations.

“We visited a place on the rue de Muy I believe, four or five years ago, remembers Louis Quintin. But to get there, in addition to the benefits received by Marie-France, we would have had to pay $500 to $700 per month. »

The Bouchervillois also recalls that, in addition to housing, other expenses must also be taken into account, which can become too heavy a burden for many families to bear, despite their good intentions. “You also have to take into account personal needs, outings. Marie-France used to go to the Aux Quatre Poches respite center. It’s a fantastic place, but it’s not free. It can all get very expensive. It is the social responsibility of governments, I believe, to provide more for people with ASD or disabilities. »

The lucky number

Despite everything, Mr. Quintin admits that the Véro & Louis Foundation has been able to build good cooperation with governments for the realization of his project.

“We were privileged that Marie-France was chosen,” he humbly admits. 40, 50 years ago, these people were hidden, we kept them at home. Now we know how important it is for them to have a good living environment, especially after the age of 21. When our children reach this age, it means that we have aged too and we can live from day to day, but we always wonder what can happen to them later. This is why this type of project is exciting. I hope they will be able to create many other houses like the one in Varennes. »

Remember that a few days before the arrival of the month of April, the month of autism, the Véro & Louis Foundation continued its fundraising campaign by launching new sweaters Different like you.

For more information, visit the site:

A few days before the arrival of the month of April, the month of autism, the Véro & Louis Foundation continued its fundraising campaign by launching new Différent comme toi t-shirts.

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