Meet Lady Adventure

The spectators were numerous at this poetic meeting, mixing masks and puppets with the play of shadow and light by Raphaël Thibault, accompanied on stage by Manon Cazes and Romuald Bailly.

Between two stages of the “Young Walker’s journey”, Vincent Pradier, director of the Maison pour tous, expressed joyful satisfaction with the quality of the productions presented as part of the cultural season, but also with the attendance they engender: “more than 500 people this week took place in our performance hall! The session, organized in partnership with the Ligue de l’enseignement 43, is part of our program for Young Audiences, to whom we are keen to offer access to live performance, in a spirit of sharing and discovery to which we are committed. permanently attached. »

Return to the dark room

Our “Young walker”, a bored child, meets a whimsical-looking old man, probably a bit of a magician, carrying cumbersome boxes that he fills with abandoned objects. Seeing the child bored, he invites him to go in search of Lady Adventure and its thousand faces, a journey that is a source of surprising discoveries, a melting pot of emotions shared spontaneously by the children in the room… Spider or snail, flower or bull, so many encounters whose “mother” of all would be this mysterious Dame Aventure.

To see, to hear, to understand, to be moved, to taste the freedom to express one’s emotions, to embody them and take them with one, to learn to accept one’s fears and anger, to welcome them… in a word, “to grow”… Such is the object of this show whose particularly aesthetic staging gave rise to many sparkles in the young – and also not so young – gazes.

Interesting exchanges

“Why ‘Little Walker’ when it’s a girl? How do you do the screenings? How can the puppet move forward? And these funny sounds, where do they come from? » At the end of the show, lifting a corner of the veil, Manon, Romuald and Raphaël lent themselves with pedagogy to the many questions of the children, however leaving the spotlight to the imagination.

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