the Auberge Canaulaise, the culmination of a great adventure

In the kitchen, her husband, Sylvain Ledoux, prepares chipirons, sweetbreads and foie gras offered à la carte. Only homemade, he promises: “It’s simple, these are my grandmother’s recipes. »

Renovated rooms

The atmosphere in the breakfast room is calm, the few customers still seated take advantage of the serenity of the setting and the accessibility of the two hosts. “We are a small family structure, we try to welcome our customers as we would have liked to be welcomed”, assures Sylvain.

“It’s one of our two small rooms, we have other larger ones with soon a mezzanine, and a room with a balcony” explains Sylvain Ledoux.


At the Auberge Canaulaise, more than a year of work has allowed the place to find a new life. The eight rooms offered by the two managers have been completely renovated. “It’s only local businesses that helped us with the work,” says Sylvain.

“It’s our last big project,” tempers the co-manager all the same. From Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Hourtin via Saint-Médard and Lacanau, Sylvain Ledoux has accumulated experience in catering. “At the start, I didn’t know anything about it, and then I learned everything with him,” laughs Sandrine, casting a knowing look at Sylvain.

Until the day when the idea of ​​working for oneself takes precedence over that of working for a boss. “In 2011, we bought La Gaïté from Lacanau. We didn’t have a penny, but some kindly helped us,” says Sylvain. His wife continues: “What he does not say is that he is very good at what he does. It allowed him to forge strong ties with people for whom he worked, who were able to help us afterwards”.

Nearly ten tables can accommodate customers.

Nearly ten tables can accommodate customers.


From 20 to 100 covers

The adventure then began in this PMU bar. They introduced catering there. In one year, they went from around twenty covers to nearly 100: “It was a great source of pride. We had managed to get the town hall, the opposition, the workers, the bankers, the young and the old to eat in the same place”.

But after almost ten years of management at La Gaïté, the couple of restaurateurs were looking for more calm. “Managing a PMU bar becomes cumbersome after a while. When the same customer says the same thing every morning for seven years, it gets long,” laughs Sylvain. “Above all, we didn’t have a lot of time to give to our children,” adds Sandrine more seriously.

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