Messi returns to Argentina for one last adventure

Argentina will play a qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar this Saturday, March 26 at 12:30 a.m. The opportunity to observe how Messi feels with the selection. The Argentine star hopes to take the Albiceleste to the top. At 34, the player must win an important title with his selection, before he can retire from international football.

Messi news

A press conference held by Lionel Scaloni revealed that Messi is in good form. Something to reassure the fans, used to seeing him in difficulty at PSG lately.

Messi in form

The player is known to make a difference in matches. However, this is no longer always the case, the attacker is no longer as effective as before. He was still selected and will have to prove himself if he hopes to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. The qualifier against Venezuela is the perfect opportunity for him to show that he is still on top.

Leo is fine, he is in good shape. We managed to make the group understand that he is just one more player. What should always be normal, started to be a year and a few ago. (…) He was eliminated with a team with high expectations, who are asked for more

No unnecessary pressure

The player is often wanted in selection. Constantly in search of the greatest trophies, he never managed to make the selection a world champion. This time, he seems more at peace with himself, and simply intends to do his best to go further in the competition.

It doesn’t affect him, he’s fine. He shows it and tomorrow he will have the opportunity in his country with his people, surely the last match we play here. He will be able to say goodbye to Argentina in the best way, hoping the future will be better.

Difficulties in club

Since he has been at the club, Messi should be perfectly acclimatized with the PSG players to sign very good performances. However, this is not always the case…

Too contrasting matches

If he sometimes brings a magnificent vision of the game to his partners, it does so only too rarely. Messi hasn’t established himself enough at the club yet to be considered a mainstay. The fans don’t really help him, they constantly complain about his level of play insisting that he is not involved enough.

We sometimes notice improvements in matches, even if they are still too brief to make everyone agree.

Towards an extension?

Despite the insults of the public, the Argentinian hangs on and even sees himself staying next year. PSG are delighted, but above all hope that Messi will bring more to the club than this season. It remains to be seen how the last Ligue 1 matches goand whether the player’s position changes or not.

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