PHOTO Claude Dartois (Koh Lanta): these two other legends of the show that he joins for a new exceptional adventure

This is a new exceptional adventure in which Claude Dartois, one of the emblematic candidates of Koh-Lanta, is embarking. A challenge that the father of the family will not take up alone, since two other legends of the show will be at his side for the occasion…

Ever since they discovered him on his very first Koh Lantain 2010, fans of Claude Dartois know it: nothing stops the adventurer, lover of thrills and competition of all kinds. After three appearances at Koh Lantathe 42-year-old father had agreed to sign for an exceptional season, bringing together only legends of the show. An adventure marked by cheatingwhich forced the game’s producers to nullify the votes of the final jury, ultimately choosing no winner. Deprived of the 100,000 euros promised to the winnerClaude Dartois, who had nevertheless obtained a majority of votes, left empty-handed from this particular edition, which left a very bitter taste to Denis Brogniart.

The cheating page turned, Claude, was able to bounce back despite everythinghe who had confided in the columns of Parisian not to have been penalized by the controversy. “Everything is fine. I’m coming out of a working week with my boss. And my partners have renewed their confidence in me“, he had declared. Always ready to challenge himself, Andréa and Marceau’s father has just left for a new adventure, the Marathon des Sables, a race in stages in food self-sufficiency.

“More sand and sun”

The adventurer therefore flew to Morocco, where he joined another legend for the occasion, as revealed by Laurent Maistret in his Instagram story. “Good luck to my Sam and my Claude who are going to do the Marathon des Sables“, he wrote in the caption of a snapshot of his two friends. On his Instagram page, last February, Claude Dartois had already announced his participation in the adventure, with his former teammate from the show. “Soon a new adventure with you my Sam, more sand and sun“, he had rejoiced.

But Claude and Sam will not be the only two ex-heroes to take up this exceptional challenge. Alix, another legend of the showwho had participated in the 4 Lands with the late Bertrand-Kamal, but also in the famous season of Legends, will also be there. One hell of a team of warriors!

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