This is my adventure. With Amélie Deloffre, creator of the micro-adventure school

“For me adventure is the school of life, confides Amélie Deloffre. It’s where you grow, where you learn through difficulties, through ‘doing it yourself’ and encounters, and that, you can’t find it anywhere but outside.”

Thanks to the micro-adventure, “We go on an adventure for two or three days on our own on our bike, on foot, on horseback, etc. And then staying close to home. The idea is to reconnect city dwellers with nature. “

There is also this notion of roaming with the fact, for example, of bivouacking and sleeping outside. “We can also combine and do part of the route we imagined by canoe and bike. We have a more immersive dimension than a classic hike.”

Amélie Deloffre in full swing in her traveling micro-adventure school.  (FABIO GATTINI)

And that led this lover of the great outdoors to create a micro-adventure school, where you “learn to learn”.

In my school, we can have philosophy cafés as well as play a game around data, to understand what are the challenges of tourism today or even try to understand why we need to take the plane less, for example. But without telling people: ‘you don’t have to take the plane less, but we simply show you’.

You can follow a micro-adventure school course by videoconference or with webinars.  (AMELIE DELOFFRE)

With her team, Amélie has established a grid “to help people travel responsibly and buy their equipment, have it repaired, buy second-hand, etc. We make the job a little easier, but we make people think, we show them the possibilities and then we tell them that they can get started and it’s going to be awesome!”

Amélie Deloffre is the author of the book “2 days to live” published by Gallimard Voyages. “Retiring to a mountain refuge, paddling down the Seine, galloping in Lozère or crisscrossing the Basque Country in a van, here are some of the microadventures detailed in this book with all the advice and practical information to get you started.”


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