End of the adventure for ASC Tours

The underdog status suited them so well. ASC Tours lost in the semi-final of the French Basketball Cup with a score of 64 to 74 against Pays de Fougères. They will not see the final at Bercy.

End of adventure for ASC Tours in the semi-final of the French Basketball Cup against Pays de Fougères. The 7-point lead was not enough for ASC Tours to move on to the next round. Timorous from the start of the game, they could not prevent Fougères from leading at half-time – the score was then 42-36.

“We will come back”

we will come back “, these are the words of coach Gilles Elfort at half-time at the microphone of our colleagues from Guyane la 1ere. In the second half, logically the teammates of captain Frédéric Egalgi return with better ambitions, the comeback was possible and within their reach but never managed to take the advantage not helped by the refereeing nor by their unusual technical errors. . Inevitably it is paid cash at this level of the competition. End of the match 64-74 to the advantage of Pays de Fougères.

Congratulations to Gilles Elfort and his team for this great Ultramarine epic, because the ASC Tours is the only team to reach this level of competition since it exists.

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Coupe de France Trophy: ASC Tours qualifies for the 1/2 final!
French Basketball Cup: ASC Tours quarter-finals, an appointment for history

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