Alsace Aventure – 2 parks, 2 adventures 2022: date, times, program, prices

After two years under the sign of the Covid pandemic and shortened seasons, ALSACE AVENTURE is pleased to announce the reopening of its forest leisure parks for a new season!

This is how from Saturday 2 April 2022 than the ALSACE AVENTURE PARK, the first adventure park in Alsace, located in Breitenbach in the heart of the Champ du Feu Massif, as well as NATURA PARC, located in Ostwald and the first adventure park near Strasbourg, will reopen their trees and will be happy to meet their adventurers in search of a change of scenery and outings in the great outdoors!

Alsace Aventure - 20 years of adventures

Alsace Aventure – 20 years of adventures
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All the activities will be accessible from the opening: tree climbing, zip lines, jumping into the void, paintball, forest lasergame, archery…

New features for 2022 in the ALSACE AVENTURE and NATURA PARC parks

During the winter closing period, the ALSACE AVENTURE teams have concocted some very nice new products for the season:

EXPLOR GAMES® (from 7 years old)

A mix of orienteering and outdoor escape games, this adventure game immerses participants in a unique experience with family or friends.

At NATURA PARC Ostwald, it is through a fantastic medieval scenario that young and old will be able to complete the challenges of the Servant of Darkness !

Another atmosphere at PARC ALSACE AVENTURE in Breitenbach with the scenario Zombie and Companywhere participants will be immersed in a world of science fiction in which they will have to learn to survive and thwart the traps of zombies!

ADVENTURE E-TROT (from 12 years old)

At the PARC ALSACE AVENTURE in Breitenbach, adventurers can also discover another new activity: off-road electric scooters ! Accompanied by a member of our team, participants will be able to set off on an adventure around the Col du Kreuzweg and admire the splendid panoramas over the Vallée de Villé and the village of Breitenbach.


Redevelopment and new identity of the catering area of ​​PARC ALSACE AVENTURE in Breitenbach with new lounge and cozy areas to enjoy fresh products!

Extended opening and entertainment during the summer period.

20 years of adventure in the ALSACE AVENTURE parks

Since 2001 with the construction of the first adventure park in Alsace, at the Col du Kreuzweg in Breitenbach, ALSACE AVENTURE has been present in the tourist and leisure landscape in Alsace. ALSACE AVENTURE is above all a team of enthusiasts of outdoor activities of all kinds who have set themselves the objective of satisfying more and more a clientele thirsty for adventure and nature activities.

The success having been there, Natura Parc Ostwald joined ALSACE AVENTURE in 2009 and thus allows the group to continue its development 5 minutes from the center of Strasbourg. With the watchword “100% nature, adventure and discovery and 100% safety!” », the ALSACE AVENTURE parks have constantly been able to diversify in order to offer complementary activities to courses in the trees and zip lines and thus become real leisure parks in the forest.

In the air or on the ground, for young or old, for the adventurous or the more cautious, the wide range of activities on offer can satisfy visitors for a few hours or for a full day.

Alongside the operation of its parks, ALSACE AVENTURE is also a specialist in the design, construction and maintenance of high ropes courses and other facilities for outdoor and indoor adventure leisure.

Some numbers :

  • 21 years of adventures
  • 2 parks in operation
  • Twenty different activities
  • 20 employees in high season
  • 35,000 visitors per year
  • A construction cell with more than 100 courses carried out throughout Europe.

Finally, ALSACE AVENTURE is still a lot of projects to come…

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