Double Eleven joins the Fallout 76 adventure

After complicated beginnings, Fallout 76 has been able to raise the bar in a very good way and continues to see its experience expand. Major updates and expansions appear on a regular basis and Bethesda does not seem determined to stop in such a good way if we are to believe his recent rapprochement with Double Eleven.

The studio previously in charge of Minecraft Dungeons Where Rust indeed communicated on his next involvement in content development for the famous RPG.

We are very pleased to be able to publicly announce that we have recently begun working with Bethesda Game Studios on creating new challenges for Fallout 76 players.

It also seems that we won’t have to wait long to appreciate the fruit of this collaboration, since in addition to pointing out that the teams are already at work, a release window is shared.

Bethesda and Double Eleven began talking at the end of 2020, and we’ve since worked together on adding exciting new content for this community of passionate fans to enjoy later in 2022.

No details on the nature of what awaits us, but Double Eleven, through the voice of its CEO Lee Hutchinson, does not lack superlatives when it comes to showing its enthusiasm, calling this association a “dream come true”. We can’t wait to see the result, the time to repair our Geiger counters…

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