The Marseillais in Mexico: Andy arrives in the adventure, he clashes violently with Cédric

By vanessa

– Posted on Mar 29, 2022 at 9:31 PM

In the episode of the Marseillais in Mexico on Tuesday March 29, 2022, a new candidate arrived in the adventure. This is Andy. And he clashed directly with Cédric. All the details here.

A few days ago, Kevin left the adventure of the Marseillais in Mexico. The young man left, since he had professional obligations. And so far it has not been replaced. Alone Manon Marsault arrived in the adventure. But in the episode of Tuesday March 29, a new candidate joined the family of Marseillais. And it’s aboutAndy ! He knows a little Greg and Maeva Ghennam whom he has already met in the evening. And as tradition dictates, this new candidate presented himself to the Marseillais family. Of course, he is single! What does not leave indifferent Maeva Ghennam or even Charlotte.

On the other hand, the fact that Andy compliments Cynthia don’t like it at all Greg. And he does not hesitate to let his comrade know! Andy also makes some allusions to Oceane El Himer. And Cédric does not like it at all! Even less when Julien Tanti makes it clear that Andy must sleep in the girls’ room, since the only bed available is in this room. Which does not bother the young man at all, since he will be able to sleep with Océane El Himer. Cedric then begins to see red and he clearly says to Andy calm down with his girlfriend. Besides, it’s out of the question for him to sleep in the girls’ room!

Cédric and Andy clash

And while Maeva Ghennam shows Andy around the villa, he insists that he will sleep in his room. For Cédric, it’s negative! Andy then sees the opportunity to impose himself in the Marseillais family and he adds layers and layers. He even tackles Cédric on his haircut. The tone then rises very quickly and Cedric freak out ! He then takes the remaining bed and puts it in the hallway. Andy will not sleep in the bedroomOceane El Himer and Cedric do everything to make it happen like this and not otherwise! Between the two candidates, the tension is at its maximum!

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