Weird West, a dark fantasy adventure that reinvents the Wild West

A surreal and mystical vision of the conquest of the West in an immersive action-RPG ascending simulation.

With Weird Westplayers will discover a dark and alternate universe that appropriates the myth of the Wild West, where lawyers and Aces of the guns cross daily fantastic creatures: “Your choices and decisions will shape the legend of the group of atypical heroes whose adventures you follow, in the heart of ruthless lands with striking folklore. The journey depends on your actions. The stakes of each encounter are significant, and each of your decisions impacts the universe as well as the way in which you can interact with it.

Survive and unravel the mysteries of the Strange West in an immersive simulation from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey where combat and infiltration mechanics will punctuate various adventures, in the heart of ruthless lands with striking folklore, with various powers (rain of lightning, circle of flames, invisibility or even stun arrow).

A trailer for Weird West

Weird West of WolfEye Studios will be available on March 31 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. From its launch, it will be present in the Xbox Game Pass of Microsoft.

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