Mbappé gives Bitton ‘regrets’ over PSG’s European adventure

Author of a sumptuous goal against South Africa (5-0), with the French team, Kylian Mbappé, 23-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker has once again been talked about. On the waves of France Blue Paristhe journalist Stéphane Bitton, returned to this performance and fed some regrets on the elimination of PSG in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Bitton”The problem is that he was a little too lonely at the PSG.”

“I’French team was solid and serious and we had the right to a new double of Kylian Mbappe. Which which keeps the same efficiency regardless of the jersey he wears. There are real regrets that the European adventure came to an end so soon, because with the form shown by Kylian Mbappethe PSG could have aimed much higher. The problem is that he was a little too lonely at the PSG.”

Mbappé is certainly displaying one of the best forms of his career right now. The latter chained the goals whether in the jersey of the Blues as well as at PSG. Despite the elimination against Real Madrid, the latter was able to be decisive in both matches (1-0, 3-1), but it was not enough to obtain the qualification. Now, the former Monegasque should not be completely cleared either. Mbappé was on the pitch like his teammates, so he participated in this sinking, also having his share of responsibility.

We obviously expected a lot more from several other players, but it is not by scoring a goal that we must forget the remaining 90 minutes. Especially on the defensive side, the latter also did not make considerable efforts to relieve the defenders on the Madrid assaults. He was certainly decisive, but obviously we must not clear him, because for a world-class player, it is also necessary to be able to make a difference in difficult times and not only when the team is in control of the match. .

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