PSG continues the European adventure and breaks a record

Their blood is not cold, it is frozen. Despite the pitfalls, the PSG footballers remain unfazed. While the departures of major players in the offseason (Endler, Paredes) have upset the balance on the field, while the attack on Kheira Hamraoui on November 4 divides the locker room (1), while Stephanie Labbé, the titular goalkeeper , withdrew in January to take care of her mental health, while manager Ulrich Ramé was forced to rest following a heart attack, the Parisiennes remain standing.

In the most prestigious of European competitions, they had already done part of the job in Germany. On March 22, in the first leg, PSG won in Munich (1-2) thanks to a double from the tricolor international Marie-Antoinette Katoto. Wednesday was all about finishing the job.

curled left foot

If Didier Ollé-Nicolle’s players started the game by pressing their opponents, the Germans quickly took control of the game. And it was against the run of play that Sandy Baltimore scored the first Parisian goal (17th) with a rolled left foot from the right side of the field to finish in the opposite corner. Except that the Parisiennes were feverish on the defensive level: Saki Kumagai equalized on the following action (19th) and the tension rose a notch, tensing each collective on its positions.

And in this game, Jens Scheuer’s protégés were the first to break free. Despite the absences on the German side, including seven due to the Covid, Lea Schüller allowed the Bavarians to regain the advantage (1-2 in the 55th).

exceptional attendance

At the end of regulation time, the two teams were back to back (3-3 in the two games combined). But at the end of their effort, the Franciliennes once again demonstrated their solidity. Back at the start of extra time, the Swiss Ramona Bachmann took advantage of a cross from Ashley Lawrence to hit and deliver the Park (2-2 in the 112th).

There were eight minutes left to go. The Auteuil tribune raised its arms, chanting loudly “Paris! The ultras, in number, sang, drummed, accompanying their favorites. Finally, Esther Staubli’s final whistle allowed the DJ to let go of the “Together” Village People echoing throughout the stadium, synonymous with the semi-final.

But Wednesday night, the event was almost as much off as on the pitch. The attendance record for supporting Parisiennes has been broken. It was until then 19,912 people during a PSG-Barcelona in 2017. For this quarter-final of the Champions League, the capital club announced that it had exceeded 27,000 spectators (i.e. more than half of the capacity of the enclosure, increased to 47,929). Throughout the match, close-ups of the stands appeared on the big screen. The faces of young girls and boys screaming to carry their athletes were linked. With entry tickets starting at 6 euros, the event was accessible to everyone.

However, what happened on the other side of the Pyrenees is even more impressive. In the other game of the evening, Barcelona crushed Real Madrid (5-2) in front of 91,553 people. A world record.

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