Yssingeaux. The Skippy club is looking for sponsors to continue the adventure in Senegal

After a year without travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, around twenty young people from the Community of Communes of Sucs flew to Senegal in February. A trip like no other that they have prepared for three years, supervised by a team of well-established adults.

15,000 euros allocated by the Air France Foundation

They organized two African parties, two raffles and folded gifts during the holiday season to raise funds. They had a mission: to set up a cooking school in N’Def Leng de Sokone.

They prepared a funding file, presented it to their sponsor, the three-starred chef Regis Marcon, before submitting it to the Air France Foundation. The file was accepted and the sum of 15,000 euros was allocated to them to equip the school, out of a total budget of 18,500 euros. The Skippy took care of the difference.

This winter, in Sokone, the kitchen of the Skippy school was therefore transformed into a real cooking school. The equipment was purchased in Dakar and the work was carried out with the village craftsmen: mason, plumber, tiler, electrician, metalworker. The future project will be the construction of an application restaurant and the creation of an outdoor terrace.

During their two-week stay in Senegal, the Yssingelais first put down their suitcases in Sobobadé, a camp by the ocean. Then, they went to Lac Rose to discover the difficult conditions of salt collection. Then direction Dakar, the island of Gorée, Joal, Sokone, and Siné Saloum where the Skippy Club school is located.

Their roadmap also included the bolongs, the Island of Bassine where the women collect the oysters which they dry in the sun, N’Diaffé to meet the women of the village who exploit the cashew nut with the support of the Skippy , Missirah, Toubacouta, Badoudou, a magnificent little corner lost in the bolongs, Fadiouth, the shellfish island, and finally M’Bour to meet the educator of the Pour une Enfance Sénégal association, which works with talibé children.

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