Don’t Starve Together ventures on Switch

Already released on PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One, Don’t Starve Together is coming out on Nintendo Switch. Klei Entertainment’s port of the game is expected in 2022.

Multiplayer and standalone survival game expansion Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together takes you into a wild and dangerous universe. Procedurally generated, the world to explore is made up of several biomes. All filled with innumerable resources and above all with a lot of strange creatures and other dangers. Whether you choose to stay on the surface of the world, explore deep caves, or set sail for the lunar islands, many threats will be upon you and your friends. Seasonal bosses, shadow creatures, and even surrounding flora will all seek to turn you into a ghost.

Thanks to the resources collected during your explorations, you will be able to build a camp and cultivate seeds there. Having your own farm will be essential to your survival as well as that of your companions since it will ensure you have enough to eat. Hunger could be much more deadly than the enemies you cross your path.

You will be able to play with friends in private games or try it online with other players. But above all don’t forget that a good collaboration will be essential to hope to survive in this world which clearly does not wish you well.

Don’t Starve Together Trailer

Features of Don’t Starve Together

Developer Klei Entertainment
Editor Klei Entertainment
French release date PC/PS4: 2016 | Switch: 2022
Kind Action, Adventure, Indie
Website Office websiteIhe
Platforms computer | PS4 | Switch
Languages ​​available English
Starting price PC/PS4: €14.99 | Switch: unknown

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