Fougères: in a truck around the world, the family experiences its first adventures and misadventures

When Marius finds himself in a very bad position!
When Marius finds himself in a very bad position! ©P’tits Duf on freewheels

The Republican Chronicle has been following their incredible bet for almost two years.

For Benjamin and Soizic Dufeu, of the Chapelle-Jansonthere was first with friends the colossal work of fitting out an old fire truck to turn it into a rolling house.

Then, on November 27, the big departure with their children Abigael and Alban, 5 and 3 years old. With the program a long journey of about five years around the world.

Four months after hitting the road, not without emotion for them and their family, the P’tits Duf have already had many adventures and made great discoveries. They also experienced difficult times and great emotions that can be found on their Facebook page “Les p’tits Duf en roue libre”.

An impossible reunion

In Greece, a country where the couple had already traveled, they were surprised to hear curious cries at night, “like crying children”… which turned out to be those of jackals. They also found, by limiting their visits to ancient sites to Epidaurus, that “travelling with children changes the way of travelling”.

An emotional sequence, too, for Benjamin and Soizic when they tried to find Salvator, a Greek fisherman they met in 2015, with whom they continued to correspond, but from whom they had not heard from for three years. The couple tracked down the beach where they had met him and investigated his village.

By incredible coincidence, at the café, in the course of a conversation, they found her son-in-law. But then the bad news came: Salvator died of a heart attack three years ago. Benjamin and Soizic still kept their promise to come back to see him by going to meditate at his grave and meeting his daughter.

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Farewell to a faithful traveling companion

Magnificent landscapes, beautiful encounters… The family still lives from them, as in Meteora or the park of Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas, in Greece. But she had to face a painful moment by losing a faithful companion. Her dog Jumkee died of flash poisoning shortly after arriving in Turkey.

The adventure continues without Jumkee which rests in Turkey.
The adventure continues without Jumkee which rests in Turkey. (© Les P’tits Duf on freewheels)

To the one who has followed them everywhere for eight years, the Dufeu pay a beautiful tribute on their Facebook page:

“You were a full member of the family, you understood us so much and you also knew how to make yourself understood perfectly… We do not abandon you, we left your body to rest on the southern coast of Turkey, in a beautiful place . You, your soul, your memories, we take you with us and we know that you will continue to watch over us as you have always done so well. »

First pitch!

The adventure therefore continues for four for the family, according to encounters and discoveries in Turkish villages. And after another incident without consequences fortunately, what the family calls his “first tanning in Asia”, told in video.

A seemingly passable path, a large unforeseen hole… and here is the Marius truck in a very bad position, with the rear wheels completely sunk in the ground and the passenger compartment dangerously placed…. Fortunately, another family of travelers met a few days before arrived as a savior to tow Marius and save him from this bad situation! A good example of solidarity between travellers.

The family at the site of Epidaurus in Greece.
The family at the site of Epidaurus in Greece. (© Les P’tits Duf on freewheels)


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