Hyper Light Breaker: A new adventure in the Hyper Light Drifter universe announced – Hyper Light Breaker

If the developers at Heart Machine have recently focused on Solar Ash, they have not forgotten their very first title, Hyper Light Drifter, for all that. Moreover, the software has recently blown its sixth candle. An anniversary that comes with an announcement that will most likely delight fans.

Indeed, on this occasion, the developers at Heart Machine revealed that they were currently working on a new adventure, in the universe of Hyper Light. This is Hyper Light Breaker. Published by Gearbox Software, Hyper Light Breaker will offer 3D, as well as online cooperation.

A first preview of Hyper Light Breaker is also available in images. The video was animated by Studio Grackle and thus provides an idea of ​​what awaits us through this brand new adventure.

The creator of Hyper Light Drifter and creative director at Heart Machine, Alx Preston, has also spoken about this next title: Crowdfunding of gambling [Hyper Light Drifter] exceeded our wildest expectations, making millions of gamers around the world fall in love with Hyper Light Drifter. Fans have trusted us to shape our vision, and we can’t wait for our community to experience Hyper Light Breaker. — this is a new direction and the culmination of everything we have learned over the past eight years of development at Heart Machine.”

For the moment, no precise release date has been given. In contrast, Hyper Light Breaker is expected to arrive in Early Access in Spring 2023.

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