Roméo Elvis, Thylacine and You Man announced for Good Adventure at the end of June

The free Dunkirk festival returns in 2022 to start the summer as it used to before the pandemic. See you on June 25 and 26 facing the North Sea for a new edition with Roméo Elvis, Thylacine and You Man in an already heavy line-up.

Lille-Dunkirk, by car, it’s an hour and it’s not longer by train. Suddenly, when the association Les Nuits Secrètes organizes its festival La Bonne Aventure, we really want to think that a lot of people from Lille will have a kind of need for sea air to enjoy the beginning of summer.

In September, it was already the return of the pleasure of being together“, says Olivier Connan, remembering the 2021 edition of La Bonne Aventure. Also director of the Les Nuits Secrètes festival, he does not hide his pleasure in seeing people again: “They are good for the mental health these moments of conviviality.

Olivier Connan directs La Bonne Aventure and Les Nuits Secrètes.

And on June 25 and 26, there will be enough to fill your eardrums for free.

Saturday June 25

  • doll : the native of Tours opens the ball on the Main Stage with her usual mix of genres, pop, reggae… She is definitely not Like the others.
  • The Murder Capital : the punk band smells good of dynamic percussion and guitar riffs.
  • Lilly Wood and the Prick : in addition to hearing Prayer in C everywhere and even at Leroy Merlin, as Olivier points out, we can now see them perform at La Bonne Aventure. This will be the moment to wiggle your hips on their latest album: Most Anything.
  • Romeo Elvis : the young Belgian is the headliner of Saturday evening. As a close neighbor, the rapper fits perfectly with the atmosphere of a northern party.
  • Thylacin : the musician and composer will offer a moment of calm. His soothing compositions will end the Saturday Main Stage as it should.
  • Arnaud Rebotini : the mustache with the most slicked back hair on the scene is a key figure in the techno/electro universe. A Roland TR-808 in one hand, a Roland SH-101 synth in the other, the producer will develop his entire analog palette in the Klub section from 1am.

Sunday June 26

  • You Man : we have already seen them celebrating in the Lille metropolis. True to themselves, the two Calaisians will be part of the party in Dunkirk.
  • Crystal Murray : born to an African-American saxophonist father and a Franco-Spanish producer mother, the young artist has multiple influences. For his part, Olivier is full of praise on his account: “She will be the slap of the weekend, I promise. It is one of the revelations that we love to offer.” Deal.
  • Gael Faye : author-composer-performer-performer-poet-writer. The Franco-Rwandan has more than one trick up his sleeve. He can now add La Bonne Aventure to his checklist.
  • Clara Luciani : in the words of the director of the festival, “the priestess of feelings” has already released two albums, in 2018 and 2021. If everyone is tearing it up, it is in Dunkirk that she will make the gift of her presence.

This list is not exhaustive, it is only the bulk of the programming of the Main Stage. The rest will be unveiled in the spring. Same for the waterfront even if we had a glimpse of the facilities that will make the party more crazy.

Dance floor facing the sea

Already, the centenary square will once again become a real dance floor with concerts and DJ sets given from the Kursaal footbridge like in the good old days. There will also be the Nomad Men’s mobile Batt (a battery welded to a custom-made tricycle and two musicians at the controls) but also the Exoot collective’s Scubabianchi (a car equipped with numerous gadgets intended to amuse the gallery).

We can also enjoy the Relaxerette and its hanging hammocks, Tête En L’Air and its big red chairs and lots of other things. Of course, we’ll be back to tell you all about it when it’s revealed.

We advise you to go on the festival website to follow its activities. Or on FacebookWhere on Instagram.

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