the moving images of Jean-Claude and Axel, the flagship pair of the adventure, eliminated from the game

Jean-Claude and his grandson, Axel, were eliminated during the eighth stage of Beijing Express, the 15th season of the adventure program presented by Stéphane Rotenberg.

It was the star duo of the 15th season of the show Beijing Express: On the land of the golden eagle. This Thursday, March 31, Jean-Claude and his grandson Axel were eliminated from the adventure game.

Axel and his grandpa were eliminated at the end of the eighth stage of the game during the final duel. The grandfather was forced to abandon the race, no longer able to advance in the game.

While they were in the Wadi Rum desert after leaving Petra, in Jordan, Jean-Claude had difficulty moving forward as the duo crossed the desert in a temperature of around 45 degrees: “I can’t take it anymore ! launched the latter to his grandson, before collapsing to the ground on his two knees. The couple Jérémy and Fanny who were also in the race stopped to ask the grandfather if it was okay.

“He can’t take it anymore! »

Axel, candidate for the 15th season of Beijing Express

Respect grandpa, frankly Jean-Claude, respect “Then launched the opposing candidate Jérémy who burst into tears in front of so much courage on the part of Jean-Claude:” He makes me cry, frankly respect. »

A moving sequence that touched thousands of viewers, many of whom shed a little tear in front of their television screen following the elimination of the pair. The leading duo, forced to stop this stage by abandonment, was eliminated from the adventure.

Interviewed by the 20 minutesJean-Claude and Axel assured that they had “no regrets” to be eliminated, the latter having lived “an exceptional adventure”.

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