poetic adventure of F. Laroui & the photographers

The project leaders, Fouad Laroui, lakhlii, the director of Rabat-Agdal station and Patricia Defever

The objective was to show the talent and creativity of young people in Morocco, then make them react to a period when we were all going through a difficult time. An incredible energy was unleashed in this project which shows Morocco in another form. Knowing that Fouad Laroui’s contribution was most fruitful, accompanying the selected photos with his sensitivity and his poems. A beautiful marriage between photography and poetry that the ONCF was kind enough to present in its stations. Because, there is no better than a train station to bring art and culture closer to the general public, as a representative of the ONCF said. Patricia Defever tells us that “the idea for this project came from our own confinement.

And since I work all the time with the famous artist-photographer Yoriyas, we discussed the subject and decided to make it. We therefore launched the competition with young photographers and amateurs to ask them to photograph their inner horizons. We received a lot of photos and after selection, we kept the most interesting around all the sensitivities and diversities of Morocco. We were faced with an incredible abundance of creativity. Moreover, the exhibition and the book show it very well”.

Thus, after selection by a jury composed of Déborah Benzaquen, Mehdi Qotbi, Yassine Alaoui Ismaili (Yoriyas), Hassan Hajjaj and Patricia Defever, the decision came to publish a book on this event where we dive back into unique moments, in the interiority of Moroccans, moments of life and sharing. “We found that it was a testimony and something that can remain in the memory of Moroccans; then it was a hymn to life to see all this energy and joy in very difficult times. Hence the choice of the great writer and poet Fouad Laroui to accompany us in this project with his poems”, specifies Patricia. Knowing that at the beginning, it was a question of writing texts on the photos.

But, as Laroui found these fabulous photos, he decided to write poems to make “Art for Art”. “In fact, it’s true that the pandemic has created a lot of misery, problems… but it has had a positive effect by revealing a lot of talent. The publisher Langage du Sud had the brilliant idea of ​​asking young people to take photos to express how they feel during this confinement. There were a lot of photos sent, then there was a selection. When I looked at these images, they really inspired me.

I found that these photos radiate a lot of intelligence and ingenuity. That is to say that these young people have understood that photography is not only a technique, but an art and an artistic gesture. I therefore tried each time, on each photo, to write a poem that corresponds to the spirit of the photo. It seemed a little weird to me at first, because you never write poetry on demand. But, in this case, it worked very well, because these photos deserved an artistic effort and the poems came by inspiration. Thank you to all these young people who overwhelmed us with their artistic outlets”, indicates F. Laroui who confirms that nothing can stop the artist from expressing himself and creating, even in the most difficult moments. “Long live the art that overcomes all trials,” concludes Laroui.

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