Benjamin Samat: why he decided to definitively stop Les Marseillais

In the episode of the Marseillais broadcast this Monday, April 4, Benjamin Samat will announce his final departure from the Marseillais. A decision that the darling of Maddy Burciaga has motivated in front of his longtime friends.

In two years, Benjamin Samat’s life has changed a lot. Of course, from time to time, the young man continued to steer his boat through the various adventures of Marseilles. But he who multiplied amorous conquests, cheating on Alix Desmoineaux or melting the hearts of the El Himer sisters in turn has finally found the right fit. In October 2020, viewers of the W9 reality show saw Benjamin Samat flirting with Marine El Himer, but the suspense did not really last: at the same time as the broadcast, Internet users could see, on social networks, that the handsome -kid was getting closer toanother reality TV candidate: Maddy Burciaga.

The lovers were quick to formalize then, in a few months, the projects multiplied. First they moved in together, before Maddy Burciaga unveils a very beautiful engagement ring. But the most beautiful of gifts, it was announced on Sunday April 3: the pretty blonde and Benjamin Samat will soon be parents!

Benjamin Samat, a dad’s life

His role as dad, the one who will soon step into a boxing ring, seems to take him very seriously. In the episode of Marseilles which will be broadcast on Monday April 4, and already available on Salto, Benjamin Samat announced to his group of friends his intention to leave reality TV for goodas he prepared to leave the villa in the midst of adventure. “Thank you for this adventurehe insisted on telling them. My heart is beating very fast. It was an extraordinary adventure. I wanted it to be done well because I knew I was going to leave in the middle of an adventure. And also for another reason: for me, this is my last adventure with you.

If the announcement of the young man caused the amazement of the fratés, he wanted to specify the reasons for this career change. And of course, the latest changes in his life have something to do with it since Benjamin Samat insisted on his need to “take a step back”, but above all to “dedicate 100%” to his new family life. That of Marseillesshe loses an important member.

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