“I had not spoken to anyone other than my wife”

It’s gone for the season 3 of Mask Singer. Last Friday, TF1 viewers were able to discover the first eleven costumes (out of twelve planned to which those of two international stars will be added). Surveys began right away, particularly on social networks where Internet users made their first assumptions about the identity of the masked stars. In the coral fish costume hiding Maud Fontenoy. As to hermit crabhe was hiding the swimmer and Olympic champion Alain Bernard ! He gave us an interview.

“I hadn’t told anyone but my wife about it”

Télé-Loisirs: What motivated you to participate in Mask Singer ?

Alain Bernard: I found the concept original. There, it was the occasion to discover all this universe, to see the preparation. I really got involved and was delighted to be part of this adventure. I had seen that David Douillet Where Marie-Jose Perec had participated in it, that also convinced me. And then me, usually, I sing alone when there is no one around. It’s far from being my strong point, so being masked made me uninhibited a bit.

This hermit crab costume was it difficult to wear?

I had quite a bit of freedom in it, I was quite constrained. But it was mounted on wheels so it’s quite original. I was sitting on a kind of work chair. The costume was worn by this structure so I only had the clips to wear.

How did you keep the secret for so long from your family when filming dates back to the summer of 2021?

My mom had offered us with my sisters and my wife a hike at the time of filming. I was a little annoyed… But there was a hazard and luckily it was postponed. So I was able to participate in it but I didn’t tell anyone other than my wife and my agent until the evening of the broadcast. This secret is not easy to keep because we want to explain to them how it goes, tell them behind the scenes. But that’s part of the deal.

“It was quite interesting to let go of myself a little”

Did any of your relatives recognize you?

Yes I got a few messages from cousins ​​or friends. It was very nice, they were surprised and did not expect it at all.

What was going on under the costume when the 4 investigators suggested personalities that were the opposite of your build (Passe-Partout, Anouar Toubali…)?

I was the first to laugh. And then we have no means of expression, except with the pliers, so I was laughing inwardly. It was too hard to find.

Have you benefited from a voice coach?

Yes and she was very pedagogical. It was quite interesting to let go a bit and accept my voice because despite the interviews I give, I still can’t get used to it. So to work on the intonations, the tempo etc. I also play a little guitar but impossible until then to put a voice on it. I know I’m not cut out for that, and I accept that, but being able to express something you’re not comfortable with was also the challenge I wanted to take on.

“We haven’t heard the word ‘sport’ in the mouths of the presidential candidates”

Did you recognize other personalities under the costumes ?

No, honestly it’s complicated. I think the banana and the deer are singers. Mostly the deer. But it’s impossible for me to say. Some sing really in tune. And then again this year, Mask Singer surprises us with its sets and the detail of the costumes. It’s a real artistic creation and I really want to salute it. It’s a huge team work, it’s months and months of preparation.

What is your daily life today?

I still do swimming courses every summer in Antibes. I try to pass on everything I have been able to learn in my high-level career. I also give business conferences. It is this curious and multi-card side that led me to Mask Singer. I was also offered several times Dance with the stars but it was impossible for me. Too cash, too direct, too exposed.

In addition to your swimming activities, you are also a municipal councilor in Antibes (LR) as a delegate for youth and leisure. Would you like to get even more involved in sports or politics?

We are less than a week away from the first round of the presidential election and we do not hear enough, if at all, the word sport in the mouths of the candidates. It’s absurd when you know how sport can change society in a considerable way. We have a challenge, that of welcoming the world of sport in 2024 with the Olympic Games, but we do not put it on the front of the stage enough. I want to shake things up. Fortunately, with some partners, I go to schools to promote a program on the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport and on sustainable development. And this small visibility in Mask Singer reminds me in the eyes of the general public and allows me to convey these messages.

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