Star Académie: Jérémy Plante looks back on his adventure

Last Sunday evening, at the Variety Gala Star Academy, Jeremy was unfortunately eliminated from the adventure. He performed beautifully Somebody Like You of Keith Urban. Remember that Jérémy was in danger alongside the great Sarah Maude as well as‘Eloi. Sunday evening, Éloi won the public vote while Sarah-Maude was chosen by the faculty.

It is true to say that the music teacher had an eventful stay in Waterloo. Indeed, between his remarks about his colleague Sandrine and his 4 endangerments, he hasn’t had much rest. Despite all this, the singer was one of the favorites of the public, having been saved 3 times by this one. We were exceedingly happy to have the opportunity to speak to him today.

Here is our short interview with this singer of great talent.

How do you feel after your Sunday night elimination?

I feel good. I look back and I grew so much into it. I can leave with my head held high, I sang a song that resembles me, I’m happy.

You changed songs at the last minute for this performance. Do you think this change has affected your preparation?

Without the change, I would have had more preparation, but the other song represented me less while the new song resembled me. I have no regrets.

You said you were changed by your academic experience. What is the difference between the Jérémy of before and that of today?

There is a clarification that occurred in my head and that changed everything. My musical horizons have expanded. I also understood that I can learn something from absolutely everyone. There is a kind of ego that I had at the beginning and that I no longer have. Right now it’s just fun.

We all remember the incident with Sandrine. Looking back, do you regret certain events that took place at the academy?

It wasn’t the happiest event of the adventure, but I stayed honest and authentic to myself and I’m still proud of it. As for my lyrics, I should have spoken directly with Sandrine. At that time, I was digesting the news, and I was in my anger. Afterwards, it took me maybe two hours, and I understood the comments of the teachers. I should have had this discussion directly with Sandrine.

Which candidate do you think will go to the final and win the 2022 season?

The favorites of the public, we have Olivier or Éloi. However, Julien and Krystel are also artists of great talent. It’s a show driven by public vote so it’s pretty unpredictable.

Which artist inspired you the most?

What inspires me a lot are those who have been doing it for a long time like Robert Charlebois. He is full of energy and extremely inspiring. Kind, generous. I had conversations with Robert Charlebois at the end of the week who advised me, it’s really precious.

Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years?

I wish I wasn’t known for doing mixmania Where star academy, but to be Jérémy Plante. I have several projects, with my group and personal projects. I wish myself to continue to live from my passion.

** Note that the comments of the candidates have been slightly modified in order to make the article easier to read. **

Behind the scenes

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