will there be a third marvel creature adventure?

In the world of comics, there are not only vigilantes without fear and without reproach. The proof with Venom, a not very friendly creature that appeared in the Spider-Man universe. After two solo adventures, will this toothy bad guy be back for a third lap?

I need a hero… For fans of the 80s, this sentence must bring back some memories (Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler). And for current viewers, this demand could not be better, as superhero films have been top of the bill for many years now. Whether stamped Marvel or DC Comics, the two world famous competing firms, these fearless and almost blameless characters have invaded the screens. With in particular on the Marvel Iron Man side, which had an unexpected impact on the life of its interpreter on the big screen Robert Downey Jr.and the whole Avengers gang. And of course also Spider-Man, with an adventure coming out in December 2021, why Tom Holland donned the Spider-Man costume. But there are not only good guys in the world of vigilantes.

Venom, a twisted villain from the Spider-Man universe

It’s well known, villains often come across as much better characters than their counterparts on the good side of the force. And that’s good, Spidey’s universe is full of high-potential opponents. Like Morbius, recently embodied by none less than Jared Leto. And especially Venom. Strange creature, this symbiotic extraterrestrial organism from the planet Klyntar must, for its survival, bind to a living being, which it colonizes. On screen, Venom has had fun with several heroes. It thus appeared in Spider Man 3 (2007), a kind of evil double of Peter Parker. Even if the film did not really captivate the fans, the Spider-Man’s costume turned black caused a stir. And this slimy being with a hellish look with his long teeth and his more than invasive tongue signed his big comeback in 2018 with a solo adventure in which Tom Hardy makes his wild nature speak.

Venom 3 announced in 2023

Sign of his success, Venom 2 was released in theaters in October 2021. But is a third adventure planned? The answer to this question that plagues fans seems to be positive. One Venom 3 is indeed announced in theaters in 2023. Little information has yet circulated about this new adventure. We just know that in this third opus, Eddie Brock, who should always be embodied by Tom Hardy, enlists the help of Peter Parker to defeat the Super-goblin (Hobgoblin in the original version), who is none other than the son of the Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries. Sacred festivities in perspective…

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