After the cheating in Koh-Lanta, Laurent Maistret does it again in another adventure…

Laurent Maistret is one of the emblematic candidates of Koh Lanta. And yet his image was tainted by a scandal a few months ago. During the filming of the last All Stars season of the famous adventure program signed TF1, the one who lost his mother to the Coronavirus after his fight against cancer was suspected of having cheated like his friend Claude Dartois.

Asked about this by our colleagues from TV 7 days, Laurent Maistret reacted to all this and said: “This story proves how much there was so much confusion from the start. I have the impression that we wanted our skin to Claude and me. We are the two candidates with the most media coverage and I believe that some did not like that we reached the final. I have seen ex-candidates who claim to be friends, running around the TV sets to relay and affirm rumours, without proof and without knowing what is true or not. The saddest thing is that this season there have been broken records, sick strategies… And all we will remember is: pain au chocolat and UberEat”.

Before continuing:Believe what you want! But ask yourself the question! Why did I lose more than 9 kilos if I ate meals every three days? Moreover, while the show was filmed more than eight months ago and there have been spoilers since the launch, why this file of pseudo clandestine dinners only comes out a few days before the finale with Claude and me?“.

Only here it seems that the one who settled his accounts with Carrefourdid it again. While posting his best photos in Mexico on his social networks, the reality was quite different. Indeed, he was far from Guadalupe Island in Mexico contrary to what he made believe. To camouflage his participation as a host in Apprentice Adventurers 5the former candidate of Dance with the stars pretended to be there by posting old photos while he had been in Thailand since March 21, according to our colleagues from TVMag. He hid his game well!

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