Benjamin Samat announces his final departure

This Monday April 4, 2022, in the recent episode of the Marseillais in Mexico broadcast from 7:50 p.m. on W9, a historic candidate announces his final departure from reality TV of W9 and that the adventure will definitely come to an end. A fright for the spectators and the candidates of the Marseillais, Maeva Ghennam, Julien Tanti, Paga and the others who will end up crying. “What he tells us is crazy, I can’t accept it, it hurts too much. I’m sure he’s leaving the Marsella family, even though I know it’s bad for good, it’s is too tense » announces Maeva Ghennam.

It was Benjamin Samat who decided to abandon the adventure, after the surprise departures of Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau last year.

Benjamin Samat met viewers for the first time in the cult show La Belle et ses Princes Charmants 3, released in 2013. The following year, the charmer joins the cast of the Princes of Love, then Marseilles to Rio. Over the course of the broadcasts,he young man will become an essential character of the Marseillais.

Benjamin Samat in pain

After the announcement of his final departure reality shows and in front of the emotion of pain of his companions, Benjamin Samat will not be able to hold back his tears. “Thank you for this adventure. My heart beats very fast. It was an extraordinary adventure.

I wanted it done right because I knew I was leaving in the middle of an adventure. And also for another reason: this is my last adventure with you”, he announces in front of his companions.

Ithe 29-year-old handsome boy will explain to them that he wants to take a step backto be able to concentrate on their professional projects, but above all on his future family with Maddy Burciaga.

“Anyway, know one thing, that you are my family. It has been 10 years of my life, which I have also lived. It has been a chapter of my life that has been intense and full of emotion. I know the opportunity. He had to be part of this family, having traveled to all corners of the world. Everything that we have experienced is incredible.” he concludes.

Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga are expecting their first child

The departure of the candidate revealed in 2016 in season 3 of the Princes of love coincides with a transformation of life for Benjamin Samat. After approximately two years of relationship and only a few months of marriage, Benjamin Samat and Maddy are preparing to welcome their first child. The young man shared an Instagram post saying he was going to be a father. And, Maddy Burciaga is more than three and a half months pregnant. After this announcement, theThe couple said they already have the sex results of the child. The expectant parents took the time to chat with their followers to briefly join this early pregnancy.


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