Montpellier / Cinema: two ESMA graduates in the adventure of Sonic 2

Sonic with two Montpellier from Esma in the adventure (©HelloimNick/Unsplash)

Two graduates ofESMA (Higher School of Artistic Professions) of MontpellierCamille Turon (graduated in 2012) and Abdelkader Nouar (from the class of 2014) participated in the film sonic 2, which has just been released in theaters.

The famous hedgehog is back. Sonic, a popular video game hero, is having his second film adventure. Two years after the release of the first opus, which had had the best start in history for a game adaptation, the sequel is eagerly awaited by fans.

This Animation Film has been ported to several major North American studios. Among them is the Montreal MPC, which produced most of the animated images for this screening and which has several former ESMA students in its ranks.

In Canada

Who are these happy graduates of Esma Montpellier? Abdelkader Nouar is a 3D graphic designer based in Canada, where he currently works at MPC Montreal as Lead Creature FX/TechAnim. For 8 years, he has notably worked for Framestore (Fantastic Beasts 2, The Avengers...), before joining this Canadian studio. “This work is not always visible, but if it wasn’t there, the result would be less fluid,” he analyzes.

Camille Turon has been a senior animator at this Montreal studio for six months. Previously, she worked at Sony on the latest Spidermanbut also at Ciné Site (The Adams Family 1 and 2). It is also found in the credits of the Marvel film Black Widow. On Sonic 2, she participated in the big final scene. “A very cool painting to animate, with moments of action, but also of emotions,” she slips.


Both do not hide their ” pride “ to participate in such projects. “I feel lucky, privileged. I never imagined that when I was a student in Montpellier,” smiles Abdelkader. “It’s always great to see these films on display,” adds Camille. We have already booked our tickets with friends. I like to notice the reactions directly in the cinema. “. Impressions collected the day before the film’s release. Since then, they have already had to run into a dark room and do their review.

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