Pixel War: Discover the timelapse of the last four days!

The pixel war (or Pixel War) has been declared on the subreddit called “Place”! Set up for the first time in 2017 and then a second time on April 1, it provides users of the social network with a blank page, which can be filled with pixels. Each participant can place a pixel every 5 minutes (or 20 minutes if the user’s account has not been verified), in order to mark their territory.

While streamers around the world declared Pixel War this past weekend, others just tapped into little squares of pixels to let their creative minds run wild. Thus, the page was very quickly colored and in each part of the latter, the drawings are linked for the past four days.

Adventure Timelapse

Given the explosion in popularity of the game, thousands of users have brought their tile to the building and the pixelated designs just changed. @Mehdi_Moussaid had the good idea to publish on Twitter a timelapse of the four days of Reddit Place, summarizing in less than thirty seconds the movements in each zone.

Here is represented the lower/left zone of the page, also called southwest. But it is possible to find under the tweet the other three sides of Reddit Place. Of course, this one was put forward because it summarizes the great adventure of the French flag, defended by Kameto, Zerator, stars, squeeze, locklearand many other streamers!

We note in particular the various attacks from international communities, such as the “ratio” of viewers of Ribius, a Spanish streamer. follows the giant Roblox who urinates on our dear Eiffel Tower. But what really matters is the fact that this timelapse clearly shows us that with each attack the French community has been able to defend itself and above all to rebuild itself at a phenomenal speed.

The last day of war was very intense on the side of the tricolor, with numerous offensives by the communities of Ibai or xQc, which Kameto and his armies were able to resist.

The most stressed areas

A map of the areas that have been pixelated the most by users has also been unveiled. Like a temperature scan, the redder the area turns, the more tiles have been placed on that area. Of course, unsurprisingly, the most attacked area was the southwest, the one defended by French-speaking streamers.


The timelapse ends with a white screen, meaning that all the pixels have been removed to conclude, a little after midnight on the night of April 4 to 5, the fabulous adventure that was Reddit Place. One thing is certain, the subreddit will have brought together thousands, if not millions, of users. Twitch around the world through different common goals. And this is where the real strength of the internet lies!

If you ever want relive the adventure from A to Zdo not hesitate to take a look at our articles retracing the early days of Pixel War as well as the final showdown.


At the beginning of the week, the Pixel War between streamers around the world continued and the negotiations were explosive. Throwback to the final confrontation between the French and international virtual troops!

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