Séverine (“Married at first sight”) pays tribute to her mother who died two years ago

In this season of “Married at first sight”, the last episode of which was broadcast this Sunday on RTL-TVI, we were able to discover Laurent and Séverine. Between them, it was a real crush, which continued during the honeymoon. Today, they are still married, and have just passed the milestone of seven months of relationship.

During the party that followed their wedding, Séverine confided in the loss of her mother, in front of her husband Laurent. A sentence immediately understood by the young man, who was also faced with the loss of a loved one, his brother.

On April 5, it’s been two years since Séverine’s mother left. The opportunity for her to pay tribute to him, on Instagram. ” 2 years ago this damn disease won the fight against you… You were so strong… I would have liked so much that you were present to share with me this extraordinary adventure which made me meet the one I love and who has shared my life for a little over 7 months… Fate has decided otherwise… but I know that from up there you are watching over us all as you have always done.

And to continue: Otherwise, don’t worry, nothing changes here, dad still doesn’t tidy up his things but takes special care of Tigger, David still spends as much time in his cars and Lily talks about you by saying “grandma sky”. We miss you a little more every day. »

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