Koh-Lanta: Stephanie returns to the adventure and is still eliminated!

In Koh-Lanta, fans witnessed the return of Stéphanie after the departure of Jean-Philippe. On the other hand, it was quickly eliminated!

After two weeks of absence, TF1 broadcast a brand new episode of Koh-Lanta. And the least we can say is that the fans witnessed a big surprise. In effect, Stéphanie is back in the adventure.

Jean-Philippe leaves Koh-Lanta

Last week, Jean-Philippe (Koh-Lanta) had to . Because of his feet which have tripled in size, the medical team preferred to keep him under surveillance for in-depth examinations.

Unfortunately for the Koh-Lanta candidate, he could not return. In an interview with Purepeople, he revealed the causes of this concern. “I was the victim of a minor vitamin B1 deficiency.

Before adding: “It’s called beriberi. And in fact I made a reaction at the level of the feet. Where I had poor blood flow, a little degeneration. And my feet swelled up”.

“The time to get back on my feet, if I can put it that way, was a bit too long. We did not have medications on site. So I was forced to stop the adventure..

The misfortune of some is the happiness of others and Stéphanie was able to return to Koh-Lanta, . As a reminder, the last candidate eliminated from the adventure can return if there is a departure by medical decision.

Eliminated two weeks ago by the yellows, Stéphanie therefore joined the reds. The fate still continued to plague her. From the first comfort test, she again drawn a black ball. The 5th of his adventure.

Stéphanie still eliminated from the adventure

Stephanie (Koh-Lanta) said: “I was super pissed off. During the 2nd event, after my 5th black ball, I freaked out..

The Koh-Lanta candidate also added: “I was moaning to myself. I wondered what was the point of coming back to Koh-Lanta. Especially if it was to sit under a coconut tree watching everyone play.”.

also explained: “It was very frustrating. And I was in all my states. In addition, these two days were catastrophic. I arrive very determined. We are told of a balancing act..

“I say to myself: ‘Ah, it’s my moment!’. And there, black ball! I say to myself: ‘I’m going to stumble’. And behind, we go to a cursed island! ». To his great displeasure, Stephanie was eliminated, once again.

In an interview with 20 minutes, Stéphanie (Koh-Lanta) also admitted that it was a bad choice to have eliminated her. “I think it sucks. But also easy ».

Before adding also: “When you’ve been in a team for a long time, it’s easy to eliminate the outsider. Because there is no tension. It was there best thing. And this, for household peace.

The Koh-Lanta candidate nevertheless underlined: “I don’t think that, for the strategy, it was smart to fire me. Because I was the fittest in the world. But I understand. It was easy “.

One thing is certain, Stéphanie also had an emotional adventure. If she couldn’t shine in the tests, she did it thanks to her luck. But also his bad luck!

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